Uniform and Equipment

We have a uniform at Jacdor Community Pre-school, which consists of a polo shirt and a sweatshirt, available on site.

We have other items such as a fleece, cap, and backpack, but these items need to be ordered.

Having a uniform is not a compulsory requirement. We do suggest that you send your child in clothing that they can comfortably manage. Some children have difficulties in undoing items such as belts and braces when using the toilet. Long dresses are unsuitable for outdoor activities; they can become tangled in the bikes or tripped over when climbing. We want your child to be able to access all activities in a relaxed, independent, and safe manner.

We also try our very best to keep your child clean, but sometimes they may play in “messy” activities so we suggest that you do not send them in their best clothing. The enjoyment of getting involved in all aspects of play can be hindered if they are worried about Mummy or Daddy being cross because they have got some paint on their clothing.

Outdoor Clothing

We encourage the children to play outdoors all year round, so different times of the year may mean different types of clothing. In the winter months, they will need Wellington boots, coats, warm hats, gloves, and waterproofs. Wellington boots can be stored at Jacdor in the child’s individual box underneath their peg. This will allow the children to choose where they play freely. Please make sure they have your child’s name inside them.

In the warmer months, your child will be expected to bring in a sun hat and come to Jacdor with sun cream applied.  If they attend for a full day, then a named bottle of sun cream should be brought to the pre-school in their bag, and the cream will be re-applied after lunchtime, or they can use our bottle of sun cream if they don’t have any allergies or sensitive skin. Children who do not have the appropriate clothing or sun cream will not be allowed outside. This can cause some children a great deal of frustration when they see the other children playing outdoors.

Drink Bottles

Your child will have the opportunity to access a drink, outside of snack time, if they feel the need. A named drinks bottle will be required to be brought in on a daily basis. These are stored on the lunch trolley, which is placed outside at the start of each session. The children can use their bottles during the session, from the trolley stored in the cloakroom. The bottles can be left in the trays provided, at the beginning of the session, and collected at the end ready for the next day.

Spare Clothing

Sometimes children have spills and “accidents” at snack time, also at the toilet when they haven’t quite got there in time, or positioned themselves properly. It would be appreciated if you could supply a second set of clothing to change them into. We do have spare clothing but this is dwindling as parents forget to bring them back.

It is essential that all items are named as there are often children arriving with similar items of clothing. All of these items can be stored in a bag and left on their named peg in the cloakroom.


If your child is still in nappies or pull-ups then these need to be supplied as we do not have a supply at Jacdor. Your child does not have to be toilet trained to attend Jacdor. When they show signs of wanting to use the toilet we have potties and an insert that sits on top of the seat. This can help with the process. Let us know when they start showing an interest in using the toilet, and we will work with you to help. We have books you are welcome to borrow for extra support, please feel free to discuss with us for help and advice.

Please name ALL items of clothing/possessions as we cannot be held responsible for the replacement of lost items.