Coronavirus update

Welcome back to the new school term!

We are back open to all children aged 2-5 years. Everyone in the day-to-day running of the pre-school has received appropriate instruction and training on how to operate under the terms of the government safety guidelines. Our staff and the children’s safety is paramount. We aim  to work in partnership with parents and trust that everyone will understand and follow these safety procedures.

  • All parents to wait in the large playground, social distancing (2 metres apart)

  • Children enter the cloakroom through the side doors, across the grassy area

  • Parents will not enter the building and leave by following the one-way pathway

  • Parents are not to loiter outside the Pre-school

  • No toys from home at the Pre-school

  • Lunches to be brought in a named disposable bags that can be thrown away at the end of lunch-time or a hard, plastic lunch box that can be cleaned.

  • Children will be expected to bring their named drinks bottles

  • Children will be kept in small groups (bubbles) with their Key person whenever possible

  • All surfaces will be cleaned on a regular basis

  • Toilet area cleaned after each use

  • Outside area will be used as much as possible

  • Windows will be kept open to keep classrooms well ventilated

  • Equipment wiped down after each group moves from one area to another

  • Lunches are kept to the same groups and lunch time staff

  • Any children appearing to be unwell will be isolated and parents called to be picked up immediately

  • Parents to keep children at home if they appear to be unwell.

  • Any child appearing to look unwell upon arrival will not be allowed into the premises

  • Late arrivals and early departures signed by staff member with verbal permission from parent

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and continued support. The  children’s safety is our first priority  and we will continue to assess, adapt and update our policies regularly.

September places

We are now accepting placements for September 2021 and compiling our registers for the new academic year, so please get in touch if you would like a place or more information. We accept 15hr and 30hr founding and are happy to answer any questions.