Staff and Committee

Our current ratio is one adult to six children, this allows staff more quality time to spend with each child and a greater opportunity to access individual needs. An overall ratio of 1:6 will be applied as this is the minimum requirement where there are children over and under the age of three years in the group. All staff are cleared and police vetted through the Independent Inspection Unit. Our policy is to ensure our staff continue to train on a regular basis, have access to further developments, and are continually updated on new practices.

    Our Staff


Beverly May


Safeguarding Coordinator 


Sandra Tagg

Deputy Manager/Early years practitioner / Curriculum Coordinator


Clare Ray

Early years practitioner / Risk Assessment Coordinator


Sally Allen

Early years practitioner


Elaine McDonald

Early years practitioner /Talk time Coordinator


Hayley Raper

Early years practitioner/ Talking Time Coordinator


kelly Carter

SENco/ Early years practitioner 

Web designer


Cheryl Deasley

Lunchtime Assistant


Laura Evison

Lunchtime Assistant

Our Committee

Marilyn Hawkins - Chair Person                Sarah-Louise Kulwikki - Vice-Chair
Mo Hawkins - Treasurer                           Jackie Shortland - Secretary

Emma Wallace - Committee Member        Keith May - Committee Member
Sandra McCoy - Committee Member

Betty Harvey - Property Trustee             Martin Foster - Property Trustee
John Cunningham - Property Trustee